Steam cooking is good for your health as well as your taste buds.
By using this gentle, pressureless method, you ensure your food retains all its nutritional value as well as its full flavour.
4 pre-set cooking programmes:
Steam (100°), Fish (80°), Reheat (60°), Yoghurt (40°).

100° for meat, vegetables, rice and desserts,
80° gentle cooking to respect the delicate texture of the fish,
60° to reheat sauces and keep food warm,
40° for homemade yoghurt.

Ultra powerful heating elements for a quick heat up.

2 x 5.5L stainless steel steaming baskets to cook different food and retain vitamins and flavors of each.

Large capacity: Top basket with removable base for steaming large quantities or whole foods (chicken, artichokes, …). 
Total capacity: 12,2 liters.