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Plain yoghurts

Plain yoghurts

Preparation : 3 hr 5 min Resting : 3 hr
Cooking : 8 hr Equipment :
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Serves 9 yoghurts :
1 l whole milk
or 1 l soya milk
or 1 l goat’s milk
or 1 l ewe’s milk
125 g yoghurt
1Combine 1 litre of milk with the yoghurt in a large jug.
2Pour the mixture into the pots without their lids and place these in a steamer basket. Do not put any water in the water tank.
3Put the steamer lid on and cook for 8-12 hours at 40°C.
Chef’s tip

For a creamy consistency, cook for 8 hours, but if you prefer a firmer consistency, cook for the full 12 hours.
If you use semi-skimmed milk, yoghurts will be runnier and have a more acidic taste.
Goat’s milk also produces a runnier consistency.


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