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Grown Up Tarty Berry Milkshake

by Lisa


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Serves 2 :
250 g mixed rasperries*... 
120 ml milk
125 g yoghurt 
2 tsp honey *blackberrys/redcurrant/blackcurrant 
1Place the milk in the blender followed by the yoghurt and fruit and honey.
2Turn to the smoothie setting and liquidise for 30 seconds.
Chef’s tip

If you're feeling naughty you can use the mixture as a coulis around a chocolate fudge brownie. Not so naughty but rather nice you can use as a coulis around warm fanned pears or apples. For the sweeter tooth mix with more milk For children sieve out the pips. For saving time have one glass now and freeze the rest of the mixture into an ice cube tray to defrost later when you fancy it.


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