Frequently asked questions
Here you will find a lot of frequently asked questions regarding the use and the maintenance of your equipment as well as safeguards.


1- Your appliance does not work
- Check that the power cord has been properly inserted into the connector (on the base) and the plug properly fitted into the socket. 
- You have not selected a cooking time. 

2- The food is not cooked
- The food is too thick, so you must either extend the cooking time or cut the food into smaller pieces before putting it in the steamer. 
- The basket is too full try to avoid overloading it. 

3- The orange "keep warm" light does not come on
- Your appliance has not yet reached the right temperature. You must bring the water up to the boil using the timer, then turn the timer switch to the "keep warm" function. 

4- The steamer overflows
- There is too much water in the base. Make sure you keep to the limit of 1.5 litres. 
- Some types of foods yield a great deal of liquid during cooking. 
- When certain types of fish are cooked, they cause the water to foam. 

5- Rice sticks to the bottom of the multi-function bowl

- Put water in both base of steamer and multi-function bowl
- There is too little water in the rice bowl. Add some more.


6- Can I cook different types of foods in the same basket?
- Without any problem, as food smells are not spread by steaming.