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French meringue

Preparation : 10 min Resting : -
Cooking : 2 hr 30 min Equipment : piping bag* (optional)
Difficulty :
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for Serves 6 :
125 g caster sugar 
5 egg whites 
125 g icing sugar 
1Separate the eggs.
2Beat the egg whites for 5 minutes in the main bowl fitted with the whisk, remembering to remove the pusher first.
3When the egg whites are stiff, gradually add the two sugars via the feed tube or opening. Continue whisking for 1 minute. The whites should be firm.
4Line a baking tray with baking parchment and pipe* or spoon small circles of meringue (about 8 cm across) onto it.
5Bake in a very cool oven (60 °C) for 2½ hours.


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So easy to make, I didn't think I was capable, even a newbie like me can do this. The recipe was easy to follow. For extra enjoyment, add whipped cream and strawberries, it will send your taste buds racing.