Ice cream

You can make the most delicious homemade ice cream and sorbets quickly and easily from just 20-30 minutes
Gelato Expert, Gelato Chef and Le Glacier all enable you to make delicious 100% homemade ice cream in minutes.

Pre freeze the bowl for 8-12 hours.
Capacity 1.5 litres of ice cream or sorbet for 900 ml of preparation.

Gelato chef:
Fixed and removable Stainless Steel bowls. 
1.6 litres of ice cream or sorbet.
Built in freezer unit:
 No pre-freezing necessary​.

Stainless Steel inner bowls that allow for even faster freezing​.

Large feed tube for ease of pouring in ingredients

Gelato Chef: 
2 bowls enables you to make 2 batches in succession. 

Home made ice cream from just 20 minutes.