Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso targets the world of long cup lovers with it's new CENTRIFUSION™ technology.
The first machine which allows you to prepare perfectly a long coffee.
3 different capsule sizes = 3 different cup sizes
Coffee : 230 ml 
Gran Lungo : 150 ml
Espresso : 40 ml
Patented extraction technology developed by Nespresso
 Optimal extraction for Americano and short black
A perfect crema

Nespresso is revolutionizing the world of long coffee lovers with a new CENTRIFUSION™ technology. A patented system, developed by Nespresso, for optimal extraction of long and short coffees and an incomparable crema!

Vertuo is the first coffee machine to prepare a coffee mug or espresso with a perfect result. There are 3 sizes of capsules for 3 sizes of coffee:
- 10 capsules for Mug of 230 ml - 4 capsules for Gran Lungo of 150 ml - 4 capsules for Espresso of 40 ml
You can reprogram these volumes at your convenience. You will also have the opportunity to interrupt your coffee before the end of the flow or to extend it after the end of the flow.

One button operation: Automated opening and closing: The machine head opens and closes automatically with a simple push of the lever thanks to the electric motor.
Optical recognition of capsules: to identify each capsule and to automatically adjust the parameters: water, speed of rotation, temperature